First Moon Shoes To Cross The Finish Line

These Nike Moon Shoes are the first Nike Waffles to ever cross a finish line. Mark Covert wore them in the 1972 Olympic Trials Marathon. Mark's time was 2 hours and 23 minutes. He finished the race in 7th place.

The sole is in two pieces. The rubber was hand-cut and the shoes were hand-cobbled. The rubber outsoles were cut with shears. Notice the rough cuts and concentric circles around the perimeter of the soles. The soles were glued and stitched. The shoes have Spenco insoles to prevent the stitching from irritating the athletes' feet. The swooshes were sewn with fishing line. Only the lateral swoosh on the left shoe is completely intact. There are no Nike logos on the tongues. There are no midsoles on the shoes (just Waffle Outsoles and Nylon Uppers) so the shoes will not deteriorate. The holes in the uppers were hand-punched by Geoff Hollister for breathability. Notice the perfect laces and aglets (lace tips). The shoes were made in Eugene, Oregon at Jim The Shoe Doctor.

Icon. Legend. Coach.

Mark Covert was the first person to ever cross a finish line wearing Nike Waffles. He did this in the 1972 Olympic Trials Marathon. Mark finished the race in seventh with a time of 2 hours and 23 minutes.

They called him “Bushman”.

From 1968 to 2013 Mark ran an average of nine miles every single day and he never missed a day. During his 45 year streak, Mark ran more than 160,000.

Mark was the Head Coach at Antelope Valley College, and is enshrined in 6 Hall of Fames.

With Bill Bowerman by his side, Geoff Hollister talks about the early days of Nike and praises Mark Covert

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